Installing the MaxiSys Printer Driver

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Wireless printing can be difficult to get your head around as it requires your MaxiSys to communicate with your PC through a network. This sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

Difficulty: Average. Knowledge of installing a traditional printer will be a bonus.

Time: 10 – 20 mins based on internet connection and updates.


What you will need:

An active Internet connection on your PC.
A Wireless Network – such as a broadband router.
A Windows Based PC with full administrative Rights (be able to run programs in administrative mode)
To make sure the PC is connected to the network either wirelessly via Ethernet.
Your PC to have Adobe Reader installed.
The MaxiSys PC Suite CD (located in the box).
Firstly, have a look at the diagram below;

maxisys wireless


So how does this diagram work? First you need to install the MaxiSys Print Driver on your PC. You then connect your MaxiSys to the same network. Then, when you send a Print command from your MaxiSys, the MaxiSys will search the network for PCs that have the print driver installed. The MaxiSys (via being connected to the same network as your PC) sends the data to the PC, which in turn prints the data. Therefor, the following all need to be connected to the SAME network and turned on;

Your MaxiSys Tablet
Your PC
Your Printer
Once you have done this, follow the steps below to install the Print Driver on your PC.

Place the MaxiSys PC Suite CD into your CD Drive. The software may load automatically, but if not, Click Start and then My Computer.
You should now see a Orange Folder listed where your CD drive usually is; this is the Autel software CD. Double click to open this up. Inside this folder you should see an icon calledAutorun.exe. Click This. The welcome screen of the PC suite should now bootup.
On the PC Suite screen, select which Bluetooth Interface you have (at time of going to publish, almost all UK users will have the black Bluetooth VCI unit, displayed on the right) by clickingInstall. The installation will now begin.
During installation you may be prompted to Install Drivers or if you have a firewall, to allow the software certain security preferences. This is because the software is communicating with your network. You must accept these preferences or the software will be blocked and printing will not work.
Once installation has finished, you will need to open the MaxiSys Printer. To do this click Startthen All Programs. Now scroll through your applications until you find MaxiSys PC Suite. Within this folder you will find MaxiSys Printer. Click on this Item.
The Printer Driver will open and you will see a printer icon in the bottom right of your PC, next to the Time and Date. The Printer Driver is now installed.
You may be prompted to perform an update (such as in the demonstration video above), if so its a good idea to keep the software up to date. Remember to always allow firewall preferences or new Autel drivers to be installed.
If you have performed all the steps above and are still having problems, check the following:

Does your PC have an active internet connection?
Does your PC have full administrative rights?
Does you MaxiSys have an active internet connection? Can you load a page in the tablets web browser?
Is the MaxiSys printer icon loaded? Check that the icon is being displayed in your system tray, next to the Date and Time.
Did you allow the correct settings on your Firewall/Anti-virus if prompted?
Do you have Adobe Reader installed? Click here to download the and install the latest version.


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