Autel Maxidas DS708 scanner reset Audi A4 EPC light

Autel Maxidas DS708 scanner reset Audi A4 EPC light

The EPC light came on vehicle may cause car violently start shaking. Here is an instruction on reset EPC light and enable Open / Close electric parking brake of Audi A4 with the Autel MaxiDAS DS708 diagnostic scan tool.


Connect the MaxiDAS DS708 scanner with vehicle

Power on the DS708 system

Select vehicle region: European

Select vehicle manufacturer: Audi


Autel MaxiDAS scan tool will read the VIN automatically

Select “Maintenance function” from main function menu

Select “Electronic parking brake (EPB)”


Turn ignition ON (very important)

Start electric parking brake and handbrake programming

Follow these steps to program:

—Start brake pad change (open brakes completely)

—Change brake pads

—End brake pad change (close brakes)

Follow the system prompts

Press “-1-” button to come to “Start brake pad change” program

Then the brakes are fully opened

Wait the brakes to be opened

Follow the system prompt, press “-2-” come to changing brake pads program

Close the brakes

Please wait the braked are locked

Fit wheels

Check the brake fluid, top it up if necessary

Brake pads replacement mode was successfully done/programmed

Back to the main menu and exit the autel ds708 software

Disconnect DS708 scanner with vehicle

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