How to use Autel Maxidas DS708

Autel MaxiDAS ® DS708 setup:

Step 1: Insert the Memory Card

Make sure the SD Memory Card is inserted properly into the MaxiDAS DS708 card slot.
1. Insert the SD memory card with the metal contacts facing down and pointing toward
the tool.
2. Remove the card and insert it again if the DS708 SD card is not mounting properly.
Note: Do not force the SD card into the card slot. This may damage the card

Step 2: Connect the Hardware Model& Power Supply

To provide power to this unit, use an external power supply or simply connect Autel Maxidas ds708 unit to a vehicle with a communication cable. Press the power button once and wait until the system boots up. After a brief moment, the MaxiDAS Diagnostic Platform displays and the ds708 is now ready to operate. See Chapter 4 on page 10 to assist you to find the DLC on your vehicle.
Note: Autel Maxidas ds708 scan tool does not have a battery and can not be charged, make sure
the unit is connected to a power supply before using the scan tool.

Step 3: Diagnose the vehicle

A: Connect to the Vehicle

To perform diagnostic tests, select the vehicle you want to test, connect the autel ds708 diagnostic tool
to the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC) with a communication cable.
Refer to the following instruction to locate DLC on your vehicle.

The DLC is usually located 12 inches under instrument panel dash.

Explanation of Diagram Numbered Locations
Location Description
1 Underneath dashboard, under the steering
2 Underneath dashboard, between the driver-side door and steering column area
3 Underneath dashboard, between the steering column area and the center console
4 Dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the steering column and center console
5 Dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the driver-side door and steering column
6 Center console, vertical surface ( i.e., near radio and climate controls), left of/ on vehicle
7 Center console, vertical surface right of vehicle centerline or on passenger side of center
8 Center console, horizontal surface (i.e., armrest, handbrake area), in front passenger area
9 Any location other than locations 1-8 ( i.e., passenger area, passenger side glove box)

B: Identifying the Vehicle

Option 1: Select manually from the autel maxidas ds708 main menu,
The following messages only show some of the possible options. During testing, only the options available for the vehicle and ECU being tested will appear on the screen. Select one of the attributes from each screen and highlight the attribute to enter to the next page.
The screens continue appearing until the selecting complete. Follow instruction on each screen that appears to find the access to the function test.
1. Select the group of the manufacturer by highlighting menu option. The manufacturers are categorized into three groups according to the locations (USA, European or
2. Press the manufacturer key to enter a new screen. A dialog box pops up shows the loading process, wait until compete.
Possible 1: For some of the vehicle, identify vehicle process is not needed.
Component test screen appear at this stage already and allows you to perform the
component test.
Possible 2: For the others, continue selecting the vehicle from the scan tool is needed.
To identify the vehicle, you may need to complete a series of selections, which may include any of the followings. (Benz as an example) Select one of the attributes from each screen and highlight the attribute to enter to the next page. The screens continue appearing until the selecting process complete.
(All Model Series, 169 have been selected)
(As of 12/2005, Left hand steering have been selected)
(Sedan and Gasoline have been selected)
(167.031 A 150 has been selected and the communication screen shows)
Option 2: Select form the Vehicle Record (If the vehicle has Auto Scan function)
To identify a vehicle by vehicle record,
1. Click the Vehicle Record button.
2. Select the Vehicle ID from the list.
Note: This option is only available to those which have Auto Scan function, refer
to Chapter 5 Auto Scan (HONDA) on Page 23 for how to establish a vehicle
record access.
3. The following ds708 screen displays and asks for your confirmation, click Yes to select or
click No to exit.
4. The following screen shows the communication status.
5. The Information screen shows and asks you to input correct ODO value. Use the
virtual keyboard to enter.
1) Drag the virtual keyboard with stylus to relocate.
2) Use the keyboard to fill in the dialog box with all the information as desired.
3) Select OK to finish and close the dialog box.
Optionally, use the drop-down dialog box to find the vehicle if the previous recode is
Option 3: Select by OBD II Quick Test
OBDII/ EOBD is used to provide a quick test for the users, in this section, the vehicle can
be tested directly without completing the vehicle identification process.

C: Diagnose the vehicle

During testing, only the options available for the vehicle and ECU being tested will appear on the screen. The diagnostic functions may cover any of the followings, read the screen and chose one of the options to perform a test.

Auto Scan

The Auto Scan does an automatic test of the ECU being tested and then displays
a summary of the test results. From the summary, you can access to the Function menu (Refer to 26) and view detailed test results, such as DTC descriptions and related repair information. To see the details, refer to Chapter 5 on page …

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

This is a shortcut that allows you to quickly access vehicle systems without
completing a Vehicle ID, so as to find out what repairs are needed. Also refer to
Chapter 6 for details on page…

Live Data

The Live Data function allows you to view the live (real time) PID data from the
vehicle’s computer module. For details, refer to Chapter 7 on page

Freeze Frame

The Freeze Fame function allows you view DataStream “Snapshots” that were
automatically recorded by the ECU when one or more DTCs occurred. By
viewing the actual data values from the time of a fault, you may be able to
determine what caused the fault. For details, refer to Chapter 8 on page.

Component Test

The Component Test function allows initiating a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP
system. The scan tool itself does not perform the leak test, but commands the
vehicle’s on-board computer to start the test. Different vehicle manufacturers
might have different criteria and methods for stopping the test once it has been
started. Before starting the Component Test, refer to the vehicle service manual
for instructions to stop the test. For details, refer to Chapter 9 on page.

I/M Readiness

Refer to Chapter 10 on page… for detail.

O2 Mon. Test ( O2 Monitor Test)

OBD II regulations set by the SAE require that relevant vehicles monitor and test
the oxygen (O2) sensors to indentify problems related to fuel efficiency and
vehicle emissions. These tests are not on- demand tests and they are done
automatically when engine operating conditions are within specified limits. These
test results are saved in the on-boards computer’s memory.


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