Tips on throttle body relearn with autel maxidas ds708 diagnostic scan tool

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 wireless diagnostic scan tool makes throttle body relearning very easy without cutting wire. Here is the step-by-step instruction on the how reset GM ilde learn with ds708.


Well install MaxiDAS ds708 diagnostic software.

Connect DS708 main unit with vehicle via USB or wireless connection.

Select vehicle model GMC YuKon (high idle speed issue) and year.

Select “Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs” on “Engine Control Module” menu to clear fault code.

Check there is no stored fault codes, back to select “Special Functions” on main menu.

Select Engine Speed/Throttle >> Engine Position.


After DS708 well built communications, turn ignition ON with engine OFF, click OK.

You will be displayed the vehicle throttle body position information.


Select corresponding value that need to modified by clicking “Decrease” or “Increase” button on the right.


Page down to Engine control module program, select “Module setup”

Select “Idle Learn Reset”.


The system will display Idle Learn reset values, click “Reset” button on the left to reset.


Reset Ilde Learn complete, click OK to quit.

Check the vehicle throttle body condition.

Exit the Autel DS708 diagnostic software program.

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