How to Modify Toyota Scion Lexus VIN with Autel Ultra Lite?

This is a guide to modify Toyota/ Scion/ Lexus VIN with Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite diagnostic scanner on bench. Similarly, Autel Ultra can do the job in the same way. Here’s  modifying a Toyota Yaris 2007 VIN as example. Follow the steps to learn how to do.


Check full operation on Youtube:


Connect Ultra Lite, MaxiFlash VCI & Toyota module,

Vehicle detected >> Toyota/Scion/Lexus >> Stand-alone diagnostics >> OK >> OK >> Hot functions >> VIN


This function is used to read the VIN and write a new VIN.

This function serves to input a VIN into the ECM/PCM.

Select “VIN write”.


This function will clear the DTCs automatically after the VIN is written.

Check the conditions below, and then press Next to proceed.

  1. Engine off/ ready off.
  2. Key/ ignition on.


Note: For hybrid vehicles, the ignition must be on and the vehicle must be in ready OFF mode.

Press “Next”.


This function will overwrite the VIN below with the new VIN.

Press “Next”.


Input a new VIN.

If the inputted characters are correct, press “Next” to proceed.


The VIN below has been written correctly.

The previous DTCs were cleared when the VIN write function is completed.


This is using Autel Ultra Lite to change Toyota VIN successfully.