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Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Reviews Yes…

1.reset the service indicator on a Porsche Macan S Diesel 2016 model...Confirmed and delete codes from all modules on 2007 mercedes sprinter…Confirmed


3.Read ABS information on a 05 Reg. Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 8V petrol.
Vin No.VF7CHNFVK39868334. …Confirmed


4.CRV 2008 VIN: JHLRE48558C004770
Camry 2007 VIN: 4T1BK46K67U003065
Full system diagnosis with Autel MaxiCOM MK808: confirmed


5.Isuzu Dmax 2013 (VIN: MPATFSB5JCT104191)

injector coding with Autel MaxiCOM MK808: confirmed


6.Outstanding tool did a forced Regen on my 2011 2500HD Ltd Silverado like a champ no more dealer Regen service prices


7.Suitable for Professionals

I am a professional mechanic. This may be one of the best scanners in this price range and it supports vehicles that many scanners do not such as Volvo. It supports a wide range of modules that can be scanned for codes as well as the ability to display values and sensor data for the specific module scanned. It isn’t the fastest to scan and connect but it is faster than many and the functionality is worth the few seconds wait. If you’re looking for a true bidirectional scanner this should not be your choice but if you just need data for testing or maintenance procedures this is invaluable. The key coding seems to be very spotty and may only support BMW and Mercedes so don’t expect this to be able to code all the new keys your shop needs done or anything. VIN recognition isn’t 100% on this so you may be entering in vehicle information on random vehicles. I haven’t noticed any real pattern for this and sometimes it won’t recognize VINs for vehicles it did previously that day but it may after a few tries. One thing I don’t like is that if a module doesn’t connect or return a signal and that module exists on the vehicle it won’t explicitly tell you this which may cause misdiagnosis for some less experienced techs. Updates to software is incredibly easy and relatively fast.

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8.Excellent Diagnostic Tool for DIYer

MK808 has powerful functions and worked well on my 2014 Toyota corolla. With this all-in-one diagnostic tool, I don’t need to open up my car hood to find out the cause of MIL especially in cold winter, but just sit in the car to operate it. Its tablet-like design and 7-inch touch-screen make it easy to navigate and read codes. And I was able to boot up it just within several seconds to start the diagnosis and press the button laid in the upper left corner of the screen to choose the car type, which was very convenient.
Much to my satisfaction, this diagnostic tool supports OBDII full functions, such as reading and erasing codes, live data, I/M readiness and vehicle information and so on. When I selected live data, the screen displayed the data list for the selected module, and I could transmit the parameters into graph, checking my car’s real-time running status in an intuitive manner. On top of that, it also supports all systems diagnosis (ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Emission System, Fuel system, Light system etc.) and a majority of reset functions including oil reset, EPB reset and SAS reset and etc., which means that it is able to diagnose most problems in my car, and I don’t have to cost a lot of money just for turning off a light. By the way, it gets the shop manager and data manager for offering recorded historical problems, so I can take the history records as references when I meet some tricky issues.


9.worked exactly as needed on the Nissan. I connected it with the OBD2 port and then powered it on..


10.I love the MK808. It’s a responsive touch screen tablet with an Android operating system and wireless internet. You can easily look up information on the spot while working on a vehicle. It also has quick links to your online repair manuals. Fast and intuitive operation saves you a lot of time during repairs. You can save customer info in the scanner, so you have information at the ready for repeat customers or to educate aggressive customers. If you’re using this for personal use, you’ll have a reference on hand of your own vehicle’s issues.


11.Replace older Snap On

I purchased this scanner to supplement an older Snap On that I have and see how well this Autel performs. After one month of use, I am very satisfied with this scanner. Everything that I have tried to do, it has done. The only things that I have not tried as of yet is any of the tasks for DPF or SAS as I have not had a vehicle come in requiring any services for that. The user interface is simple and I can find exactly what I want to find right away. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend that anyone looking for an economical scanner look into this one. There will be updates both good and bad as time goes on and it sees more use.


Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Reviews NO:

I have a 2003 Honda Civic and the Key programming didn’t work. I tried to download all the updates and still had a problem with the immob error 3. It showed that it was working and that the keys where programmed but they didn’t work and weren’t programmed after all. I called a locksmith and they had it running in 15 minutes (less actually) with their computer. The OBD2 reader did work.



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