Autel IM608 with XP400 Add BMW 320i 2013 Key

Tutorial: How to add a new smart key with Autel IM608 and XP400 on BMW 320i 2013


What will you learn?

1.Equipment you will need to execute this procedure

2.Defining what FEM/BDC means and identifying their differences

3.Review the location and components inside the FEM/BDC module

4.Precautions before attempting to add a key with IM608

5.Step-by-step procedures on how to add a key with IM608


What you need?

Autel MaxiIM IM608 auto key programmer

XP400 key programmer

BMW FEM/BDC test platform

One original BMW smart key

One new/blank smart key

Autel IM608

What you should know?

-This is an advanced level procedure.

-Only F chassis are supported

-Check first to see if any keys have been added before via OBD

-Need to remove FEM (front Electronic module) /BDC (Body Domain Controller) module from vehicle

-Before we attempt to add a key, we need to “Jailbreak” the FEM or BDC only one time. After that you can add additional key by OBD.

-We will be using the “Smart mode” function that is a sequence of step by step guided instructions

-Adding the key can be done via Bench or OBD


Before we take out the module, disconnect the negative battery terminal that’s all you need to do. Not the positive, the negative battery terminal.

After that, you can see where the FDM is located on the right passenger side.

Pay attention to the location marked, that’s kind of embedded onto the cover, we’re going to need this later on we need to know it says connection seven connection eight, we’re gonna need to know this later to complete the connections with the test programmer.

Autel IM608

Take a picture of the fuses, because once we take off everything we have to put it all back together and we have this we know exactly where to put it back

Autel IM608

If it’s a FEM system, the chip will be labeled M95128

If it’s a BDC system, it’s going to be M95256

Autel IM608

You can see the chip number using a varnish removal ointment with a fiberglass pin to clean it off, so you can get a good secure read.


Step-by-step guide to add a key with MaxiIM IM608:

Step 1: Connect all the devices according to the following wiring diagram

Autel IM608

Note: Dont connect Autel XP400 to the vehicle directly, otherwise it will cause the device to burn out. If damaged, you need to send it back to fix and pay for the fix cost.

Step 2: Enter IMMO function

Accept the disclaimer

Select [BMW]-> [Smart mode]

It will automatically scan the immobilizer system, engine system, transmission system.

Autel IM608

Step 3: Select [Key learning]

Autel IM608

Note: This process requires networking to obtain data, please setup the network to ensure that it is connected to WiFi and keep this state during the whole process.

Detect vehicle and ECU info successfully

Autel IM608

Autel IM608

Step 4: It will backup coding files automatically.

Step 5: Then going to modify EEPROM data automatically! Please pay attention the following prompts.

-Please disassemble the EEPROM chip and connect the programmer

-The FEM module is chip M95128 and the BDC module is M96256.

-If you operate the EEPROM with clamp, you should turn off the +12V power first.

Press “Diagram” to check EEPROM diagram or press “OK” to continue

Autel IM608

Step 6: It will backup EEPROM data and write the modified EEPROM data automatically

Write EEPROM data successfully

Autel IM608

Step 7: EEPRM chip operated successfully, then you can install the chip back to the ECU module

-Take off the clamp from the chip

-Turn the power on

Autel IM608

Autel IM608

Step 8: Start to program the key, please make sure the supply voltage exceeds 13V and is stable.

-Make sure the vehicle power is OK.

-Make sure the OBD diagnostic cable is correctly connected.

-Make sure the power icon on the top right corner of the diagnostic tool correctly displays the voltage.

Downloading file…

Step 9: Then restore EEPROM data automatically

-Put the clamp on the chip

Restore the EEPROM successfully

-Install the chip back to the ECU module

-Turn the power on

Step 10: Restore coding file

Step 11: Learn key

-Before the key can be written and cleared, the password must be read out and the corresponding key position must be selected firstly

Autel IM608

Put the working key to start coil as close as possible

Read password successfully

Autel IM608

Step 12: Back to key learning to select [Write key]

-Put the new key close to start coil. Key frequency 315Mhz

There are four steps to learn key:

-Authenticate key info

-Write data into key

-Reset ECU

-Verify key info

Write the key successfully

Autel IM608

Finally, put the new key close to start induction coil, press and hold the ignition for 10s.

After the learning is completed, the key can be normally used.



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