Autel IM608 Mercedes Benz Key Programming Guide

Autel MaxiIM IM608 key programmer support Mercedes Benz All key lost, add key programming and IMMO part replacement.Please note some function need Autel X400pro and extra adapter.


Autel IM608 Mercedes Benz Key Programming Support List:

Functions Modes EIS type Supported EIS type
Add key OBD/on bench EIS(CAN-line) W164 -2008、W164 2009-、W166、W169、W172、W197、W204、W207、W209 2006-、W211、W212、W216、W218、W221、W246、W251 -2008、W251 2009-、W639/2009-、W906
EIS(K-line) W202、W203、W208、W209、W210、W215(some supported)、W220、W230、W463、W639
All key lost OBD 3rd  CAN EIS W164 2009- 、W169、W172、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W216、W251/2009-、W639/2009-、W906(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
On bench 3rd Generation EIS: W164 -2008、W164/2009-、W169、W172、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W216、 W221、W251/2009-、 W639/2009-、W906(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
On bench EIS(K-line) W202、W203、W208、W209、W210、W215、W220、W463、W639(use with G-BOX 8 time faster)
IMMO part replacement OBD/on bench EIS replacement
W164/-2008、W164/2009-、W166、W169、W172、W197、W204、W207、W209/2006-、W211、W212、W216、W218、W221、W246、W251/-2008、W251/2009-、W202(K)、W203(K)、W208(K)、W209(K)、W210(K)、W215 (K)、W220 (K)、W230 (K)、W463 (K)、W639 (K)
OBD/on bench ELV replacement
W204、W207、W208、W210、W212、W169(NEC)、W209(NEC)、W211(NEC)、W906(NEC)、W209(Motorola)、W211 (Motorola)、W906(NEC)、W639/2009-、W906(Motorola)

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Mercedes Benz Key Programming Operation Guide:

Mercedes Benz C-class 2011 all key lost get password with Autel Gbox2 on bench

Mercedes Benz C230 (W172/W204/W207) all lost keys via OBD with IM608

Mercedes C230 2008 (W204) add a key with IM608 and XP400

Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor 2005 (W209) all keys lost via OBD with G-BOX

Mercedes Benz E200 2012 (W212) all key lost add key via OBD with IM608

Mercedes-Benz E350 2012 (W212) all key lost via OBD with IM608

Mercedes R320 2007 (W164) add key via OBD with IM608

Mercedes Benz (W207) on bench with G-box

Mercedes Benz (W207) all key lost with G-box

Mercedes Benz EZS ESL (W203(K) )key programming with IM608 on bench

Mercedes Benz GLK 250 2013 (W212) Mercedes Benz add key with IM608

Mercedes GLK 220 2014 (W204) add key with IM608

Mercedes Benz (W203) all key lost with IM608 and G-box on bench

Mercedes AMG 2015 176 (W246) all key lost with IM608

Mercedes Benz (W210) all key lost read password with G-box

Mercedes Benz Getting Password from Mercedes Motorola original key with IM608 (through jump wire)

Mercedes ESL emulator programming with IM608 and G-box2

Mercedes Benz LD Vito 2006 (W639) add key with IM608

Mercedes-Benz LD sprinter 2006(W639) add key with IM608

Mercedes-Benz LD sprinter (W906) all key lost with G-box2

Mercedes Benz LD sprinter 2006 (W906) add key with IM608

More Autel Key Programming Guide:

Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 Key Programming Guide

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