What’s Autel BLE-A001 Tesla Sensor? How to Use?

Today we want to get a little more in depth with Autel’ new BLE-A001 TPMS Sensor. Over the past several years, we’ve seen Bluetooth, low energy or BLE TPMS sensor technology emerge in our industry. These new systems have became standard equipment on newer Tesla models.


Autel BLE-A001 vs. Traditional Sensor

Traditional TPMS sensors operate on 2 different radio frequencies 433MHz & 315MHz. New Bluetooth TPMS systems operate at 2.4GHz. This brand offers more flexibility in the way that the TPMS sensor communicates with the vehicle.


One such advantage to BLE sensor technology is that not only allows the sensor to communicate with the car, but the car to communicate with the sensor. A normal TPMS sensor is only able to transmit a signal to the vehicle where is the BLE sensor can communicate back. And first taking advantage of new concepts like over-the-air software updates that could change or enhance the way the sensor operates.


Autel engineering team has created the best aftermarket BLE TPMS sensor available.




Remember the MX-Sensor BLE is currently compatible with late model Tesla 3, Y, S and X. Right out of the box with no programming required.


Autel ITS600/ITS600E and TS900 offers the unique ability to test BLE sensor. If you’re currently using the TS508 or TS508WF, contact us to discuss upgrading your tool. So you can service and repair BLE TPMS equipped vehicles.



How to use Autel BLE Sensor?

Today we’re going to share with you a typical diagnose and replacement scenario using Autel ITS600 TPMS and service tool. We’re working on a 2023 Tesla Model 3.


  1. Test the TPMS BLE sensors with ITS600.

We can see the right side front sensor is no longer responding when we try to activate it. We need to install a new Autel BLE TPMS Sensor in the right side front wheel of this Tesla.


  1. Break down the tire to replace the sensor.

Install the valve stem and make sure the nut is torqued to 4 newton meters. With the help of the fixed rod, then align the TPMS sensor body with the stem. Tighten the included screw.


  1. Remount our tire, make sure our pressure are correct and go for a ride.

The BLE sensors will automatically relearn. So after a few minutes of driving, the Model 3 will recognize the sensor.



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