Troubleshooting: Autel TS601 Cannot Turn On Issue

Problem: The Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 device won’t turn on, even though it’s charged. I don’t know if the serial number has been registered.

Please help.



  1. Registered the tool firstly.
  2. Check if Autel TS601 is damaged by hardware. Power TS601 off, pull out the SD card and hold the power button.
  • If a picture prompting you to insert an SD card appears on the device screen, the hardware has no issue, and it’s normal.
  • If the long press is still black, there is a high probability of hardware damage. The user must contact the dealer for repair if the hardware is damaged.
  • If the hardware is regular, unplug the SD card from device and insert it into the PC by SD card reader. Select the SD card folder, right-click and choose “format”, upgrade your device again with Maxi PC Suite. Hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds to power off, then hold down the left button to insert the USB into upgrade mode.

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