Solved! Autel TS601 “Tester Not Communicating with Control Unit”

Problem: I have tried to connect Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 to my Toyota Yaris GR year 2021, but it cannot connect for the TPMS. I’m in the UK. It gave an attention:

“Tester not communicating with control unit:

  1. Make sure the ignition is switched ON.
  2. Check the cables between the Tester and the vehicle DLC.
  3. Check that the vehicle battery is charged.”



  1. Make sure the vehicle is communicating properly, OBDII cable is working fine.
  2. Ensure if the OEM part number & number on sensor are all CORRECT.
  3. Try with EU market, if TS601 still does not work, switch to the market where the car is manufactured.


Thanks to, problem was solved!

Autel TS601 can identify sensors now.


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