Autel IM508 Program 2005 Acura MDX PCM ECU Replacement

How to reprogram a new PCM ECU for 2005 Acura MDX with Autel MaxiIM IM508 key Programmer? As you can see, this key won’t start the car because of the new ECU. The key light keeps blinking on dashboard. So that’s what I’m gonna do – to program this key with the new ECU.


This vehicle uses the third generation immobilizer, so for same immobilizer system like Honda Accords, Acura TLX… can follow the same process.

If you have a Autel MK808 or MaxiIM IM608 scanner, which can also do the same process.


Connect Autel IM508 into OBD,

IMMO >> Accept >> Acura >> Automatic selection


Turn on the ignition, can you tun on the ignition normally? Yes


The 3rd mechanical key system >> Replace ECM/PCM

Turn the ignition off within 15s.

Turn the ignition on using the same key within 15s.

Just wait loading for 4-5 minutes…


The ECM/PCM has been registered. Turn the ignition off.

The immobilizer light is not longer blinking on dashboard now.


So the Autel IM508 has registered the new PCM with the immobilizer.

The vehicle should be able to start right now, let’s try it.


Check all keys to ensure that all of them can start the engine.

Turn the ignition on.

Is the smart key system installed to this vehicle? No.

The registration is completed.


It’s good to go, the key can start car normally.

Perfectly done.


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