How to Use Autel Products to Diagnose Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Alfa 2018+

Today, Autel engineer used one Autel Chrysler 12+8 OBDII connector cable to connect with Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro, the purpose was to diagnose Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Alfa year 2018 2019 etc. The test results are satisfied.


This is Autel Chrysler 12+8 OBDII cable with label “Chrysler 12+8”.

autel-chrysler-12-8-obdii-connector-test-ok-01 autel-chrysler-12-8-obdii-connector-test-ok-02


This is Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro with one VCI box.




And then the test reports:

20% of 2017 cars

50% of 2018 cars

80% of 2019 cars

And list some 2020 FCA vehicles

Certainly, the percentage above are approximate and based upon industry sources.


In details: cover the vehicles with Secure Gateway Module:

2013+ RAM Promaster
2015+ Fiat 500x
2015+ RAM Promaster City
2016+ Jeep Renegade
2017+ Alfa Romeo Giulia
2017+ Jeep Compass
2017+ Jeep Cherokee
2018+ Jeep Wrangler
2018+ Ram Trucks
2018+ Dodge Durango
2018+ Jeep Wrangler (JL Body only, not JK)
2018+ Dodge Journey
2018+ Jeep Grand Cherokee
2018+ Chrysler Pacifica
2018+ Chrysler 300
2018+ Dodge Charger
2018+ Dodge Challenger
2019+ Most Fiat/ Chrysler/ Jeep/ Ram vehicles
2020+ ALL FCA vehicles


If you are interested in the vehicle coverage, you can check on the official site:


Then go into the Autel MaxiSys diagnostic menu:

Read/ Clear Codes
Perform Active Tests
View Generic & Manufacturer Live Data
Coding and Adaptation ( working with Maxisys Tablet Tools MS906BT+)
ADAS calibrations (Requires Maxisys ADAS Software)


Why Autel MaxiSys connecting with one Autel Chrysler 12+8 OBDII connector?

2018 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Fiat now have a secure gateway module or SGM. This SGM will not allow your scan tool to do bidirectional controls on the vehicle. Autel has provided a cable to bypass the SGM. The new Chrysler 12+8 Diagnostic Cable allows communication with late model Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat & Alfa vehicles.