How to Solve Autel MP808TS “Device unable to communicate with the control unit”

Tried to use one Autel MP808TS to diagnose Citroen c5 & vw dsg with no lucky, got error ” Device unable to communicate with the control unit”.

1.Ensure the vehicle ignition is in ON position.

2.Ensure the cable is in good condition and is securely attached to vehicle DLC.

3.Ensure the battery is fully charged.

4.Verify the system is configured for the vehicle.

5.Ensure there is a green check mark on the VCI icon of the vehicle display.

6.Attempt to establish communication between the device and the VCI via USB cable.

7.If the problem persists, record the issue in a data log and submit to Dealer or contact Technical Support.



Solution offered by Autel Support:

Use EOBD to test, if it can’t communicate, please check the connection between the cable, device and vehicle.

If the EOBD can communicate, again enter the VW software to test, and record the issue in a data log and submit to Dealer.


Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS tech support:

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