How to Change Vehicle Logo on Autel IM508S/ IM608 II?

Today we’re going to share a Autel tip on how to change vehicle logo on MaxiIM IM508S/ IM608 II tablet. To load the logo image, we’ll need an USB drive and get all PNG files of the vehicle logo. When all this is ready, let’s get start.



Here’s changing KIA vehicle logo as an example.

  1. Plug USB drive to IM508S/ IM608 Pro2



  1. Go back to Android home page:

ES File Explorer >> USB >> Press and hold to select the icon: KIA >> Copy



  1. Go back: Home >> Scan >> Vehicle Immo >> Asia >> Kia >> Paste the KIA icon



  1. Delete the original KIA icon named as “car_odm.png”



  1. Rename the new KIA icon as “car_odm.png”.



  1. Exit to press “MaxiIM” to initialize data.



Once this is done, the KIA logo should now be in the IMMO software.



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