Autel Ultra Lite Reset VW AdBlue Coding Reductant NOx Performance

I’m in a VW Saran and if I turn it on, it comes up with AD below system:”Top up AdBlue! Range: 1500ml”. Obviously it will limit your miles as it says. So I’m gonna use Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite to go into the engine and reset it.


Before that, I’ll show where to put the AdBlue in, it’s on the rear side door. This is a kind of guide on how to do it. Once you’re done, pop it back in. If the car goes into a limit mode, you’ll have no option and have to use the Autel. But realistically if it does say low and you top up at the right time, you won’t be into limit mode whereas this car has.


After diagnosing full systems, enter into:

Engine Control Module >> Basic setting >>

  1. Rest SCR lock
  2. Reset learned values of quantity metering unit and pressure control valve
  3. Resetting of SCR tank level detection


You can reset other things as well such as “Check of SCR efficiency”.


Go back to erase all trouble codes after resetting.


Now let’s turn ignition off to see if anything pops up on the dashboard.

The AdBlue prompt has gone.


This is how to reset VW Saran AdBlue with Autel Ultra Lite.


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