Autel Ultra Lite Code BMW Battery Replacement

How we can code in the replaced battery on BMWs with Autel Ultra Lite Diagnostic Scanner? Following I’ll show you the steps.



After identifying VIN, go to

Hot functions >> BMS >> Register battery exchange >> Register the battery replacement >> Continue


In the next test step, the battery exchange is entered in the Digital Motor Electronics(DME)/Digital Diesel Electronics(DDE).

Produce the status below:

Engine off

Terminal 15 on



Entry cannot be canceled.

Currently registered battery capacity: 90Ah AGM

Enter the battery exchange: same capacity, higher/lower capacity, change from normal lead-acid battery to Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) battery


Here we selected “Same capacity”.



Is the newly installed battery an original component? Yes

Is there a data matrix code on the label of the newly installed battery?


If the data matrix code cannot be read, proceed with No.

Press “No”.


Is there a supplier number and battery terminal stamp on the label of the newly installed battery? No


Battery replacement is entered in engine electronics(DME or DDE).

Please wait…


The battery exchange was successfully entered in the engine electronics and the standby current histogram was reset successfully.

The following is now entered in the DME/DDE:

Last battery exchange: 150500 km

Second last battery exchange: 0 km

Third last battery exchange: 0 km

Fourth last battery exchange: 0 km

Press “Continue”.


In the next step, the date and time of the vehicle will be set.

Press “Continue” to proceed with the Service function.


The date and time below were set successfully in the vehicle:

The date and time of the vehicle may need to be set manually if the set date and time are incorrect or if the values are implausible.

Service function completed.


This is how to register BMW battery replacement with Autel MaxiCOM Ultra.



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