Autel MK808S MK808Z-BT MP808Z-TS Factory Reset Guide

This is a tutorial on how to do factory reset on Autel MK808S, MK808Z-BT, MP808Z-TS, etc. If you have a Autel diagnostic scanner, please backup with SD card or USB3.1 drive before doing factory reset.


How to do Factory Reset on Autel 808 Series Tablet?

Note: it’s good to plug in the charger during the process.


Home >> System settings >> Reset >> Factory data reset

This will erase all data from your tablet’s internal storage, including:

  1. Your Google account
  2. System and app data and settings
  3. Downloaded apps


To clear music, pictures and other user data, the SD card needs to be erased.

Selected “Erase SD card” if needed.


I’ve moved some of the heavy cars like Hyundai, Peugeot, Porsche to SD card in previous. So click “Reset tablet”.


Erase all your personal information and downloaded apps? You can’t reverse this action!

Click “Erase everything”.


Autel scanner starts rebooting…

It takes about 1 minute and 45 seconds to boot up. And it’ll be upgrading automatically without connecting to the Internet.

The massive update that the 808 line of tools received some time back which enabled them to start using Autel accessories like M108S video scope and BT506 battery tester.


Click “MaxiPRO” app.

It detects yet another new version and runs that upgrade.

Select TPMS market >> Accept agreement

Now you must re-connect to Wi-Fi because Autel has forgotten the address.


Fortunately, I haven’t lost any updates and previous scan reports, there’s nothing that would require me to do a restoration from the backup. Maybe it’s because I do have an active subscription.


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