Autel Maxisys 908PRO get original FA/VO coding via Vin for 2017 BMW F87

Car model and year: 2017 BMW M2 (F87) with all keys lost


The software freeze as soon as the FEM flashing process started. Now the fem dead like a fish out of water. No comms in car or on bench.

What I did and what I got the good news and bad news:

I bought a new fem exact same part number but from 2016 three series (F31). I flash second hand fem made virgin and adapt to car and code one new key.

Good news is the car starts and drives fine. Bad news is headlights dont work, windows not working correctly as in you press button for window to go down it comes up and you press button for window to come up it goes down. And as BMW M2 is coupe widows do not automatically go down slightly when you open the door. Also have a rear Dif lock error on dash. To make matters worst I do not have the original FA/VO coding.


Option 1.

I use Autel Maxisys 908pro it is good coding tool and gets ori coding from server by vin. Also FA gets update on the process.

That’s an easy way to get it back to original if you know someone with autel.

Otherwise you’ll need manual coding in fem.

Autel MS908 Pro BMW FEM Coding Procedure:

PS: it is easy to operate by following the on-screen guide.

Option 2. Load VO to esys and code FEM, that should be all

Option 3. You can get original FA by vin on some web sites.

FA coding is stored in both FEM and REM.

FEM being the master and REM is the backup.

Restore or copy FA from REM to FEM.

Good to know:

The F87 has much more modules than F30 therefore you getting headache. Even if you copy FA there will be some not existing and some missing modules.
Doing lots of F series there is only matter of time when you get in trouble and not necessary it is going to be your fault
The good practice is to do always back up of FA and SVT and even calculation for updates then is easy to restore everything.