Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Scanner Review

I’m Dennis, I have been focused on the Autel MaxiDAS DS708 for a long time.I find thatthe Autel MaxiDAS DS708 has many advantages,including support for more than one “brand”of vehicle, all in one design, automatic Wi-Fi updates available, advanced USB communication, etc. I spoke to Autel and they told me that this does everything EXCEPT “it can not flash/program modules…” Besides, I asked on the forum if anyone who has tested this scanner.


Fortunately, I did get some thoughts and comments from friends.

Customer A: This is the only scanner I have. The DS 708 was able to not only read the module but had good bidirectional support as well. The ford diesel coverage is very good. The gm diesel support is hit or miss. Haven’t tried dodge. The European coverage is excellent. Bmw support is great. Mine even works on pre obd2 models using the proprietary bmw connector.

Customer B: I’m Chriscox. I own a ds708, have used it for 4 years since they came out, love it, great scanner, its basically 99% has the function of techII.

Customer C: There is no internal battery in the Autel. But you get used to it. . If you visit Savannah before you make your scanner purchase you can try mine out. But really… For the money it is by far the best I’ve seen or us

Customer D: I bought one to have a generic scanner who works pretty good, no scope though. I haven’t really gotten to play around with it much. We use it on occasion for the odd non German car that comes through the shop so I don’t know all the capabilities.

Customer E:I’ve owned one for about a year, got it between €700~800 at guys are great there.It does do software updates over wifi and they are updated pretty frequently. Live data has some of the best coverage I have seen for an aftermarket scan tool. For the money is can’t be beat. If you want a general shop tool this pretty damn good.Like others have said, no bells and whistles, no scope or trouble shooter, just good basic info. I use this mainly for Chrysler as the factory tool is insanely expensive and I am pretty pleased with it.

Great thanks to these friends. Now I have bought the Autel DS708,and had a great experience. Hope this blog can give help people in need.

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    Q: What the difference among DS708, X431 Diagun and X431 master in supported car models? A: There is no big difference in the supported car models, all of the three tools are universal diagnostic tool which cover most world-renown brand cars. The difference is that Autel DS708 generally work with the car until 2012 year, as for X431 DIAGUN and MASTER supported vehicles years, it depends on the specific car models.About function   Q1: Do you have any device which can read and clear trouble codes, reset airbag and tank, work with European and Asian car models. Can DS708 do it? A1: No, DS708 only support basic diagnosis including: read and erase codes, ECU information, live data, custom list, active test, coding and adaptation and we have not so multi-functional devices.   Q2: Does Maxidas DS708 support changing brake pads in Volskwagen Touareg 2009? A2: No, DS708 doesn’t do, it is only a scan tool for basic diagnosis. Advice you use the professional tool to change brake pads.   More information please search: autel ds708   Who Viewed This Article Also Views: Nissan becomes first automaker to promise self-driving cars by 2020 MaxiSys Serial Number & Registration Password Autel Creating a Report on the DS708 […]