Autel KM100 Program 2015-2018 Hyundai Sonata AKL Free Pin

We’re going to use Autel MaxiIM KM100 to program 2015-2018 Hyundai Sonata all keys lost by OBD. The procedure can read password free, which also goes the same for key adding. Following we’re gonna demonstrate with 2 smart keys.


  1. Read Pincode

Plug Autel KM100 VCI into OBD.

IMMO >> AutoVIN >> OK >> USA >> Yes >> Smart key >> Control unit >> Read immobilizer password >> Read Pin code(8A smart card)

This function only supports models with 8A chip type smart card. Please ensure the key type is correct!

Press “Yes”.


Turn the Hazard warning light on.

Turn the ignition off(note: the instrument screen is black).

Open and then close the driver door once!

Reading password, please wait…

Pin code: 560549


  1. Key Learn

Keyless system >> Remote control learning >> Smart key learning

This function supports add key and all keys lost.

Performing this function will erase all existing keys, all the old keys must be relearned again to be bale to use normally, press “Yes” to continue.


Turn the ignition off(note: the instrument scree is black).

Open and then close the drive door once!

Enter the 6-digit security code: 560549


Note! Click “OK” to complete the following steps:

Within 5s after OK is pressed, use the back or top of the Universal Smart Key to hold down the START button for 5s until the anti-theft lamps flash.

(If the operation failed with the prompts, please remove the key case and re-execute the above steps so that the key chip can be successfully programmed.)

Programming succeeded.

Would you like to program the next one? Yes.

Repeat same operation as before.

Number of current keys: 2


Please exit the system to the vehicle selection menu and check if the key is programmed successfully.


Test the new key, both work well.



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