Autel IM508S/ IM608 Pro2 Add 2011 VW GTI Key by OBD

This is a 2011 Volkswagen GTI or Golf. As we have one working key, so we’re gonna add a second key with Autel IM608 Pro2 for this car. You can also use the latest Autel MaxiIM IM508S for same key programming.


Okay, let’s start:

Insert the original key to turn ignition on.

IMMO >> Accept >> Volkswagen >> Smart selection >> Yes


Read the information, press “OK”.

  1. Key with 48 transponder and 31 blank.
  2. The learning processes for smart keys and for non-smart keys are the same. For smart keys, there is no need to perform the “Remote control learning” function after learning; while for non-smart keys, it is necessary to perform the “Remote control learning” function after learning.
  3. The “Key learning” function will erase all working keys before relearning. The keys that are not relearned will no longer be operational. The “Remote control learning” will erase all learned remote controls before relearning. The remote controls that are not relearned will no longer be operational. Have all keys ready before using these functions.
  4. The “Add key” or “Add remote control” function will add a key or remote control directly. The existing key will still be operational. Use these functions without having all keys ready.
  5. During the reading process, the instrument cluster may black out, which is normal. It will automatically light up after reading.
  6. If the instrument cluster remain dark due to unexpected circumstances, proceed with the path below for recovery: Expert mode >> IMMO 4 CAN instrument cluster >> VDO NEC+24C64 >> Instrument cluster reset.
  7. How to enter the expert mode: Manually select your make(Do not enter the expert mode with the “AutoVIN” function) and then select “Expert Mode”


  1. Add Key

ESC >> Add key

If this is a smart key-equipped vehicle, execution of “Add key” function may disable remote start function of the key.

The key can start the vehicle only when it is placed close to the key sensing area.

Press “Yes” to continue.


Entering programming mode. It may take some time…

Do you want to generate a dealer key? Yes

Place a blank key into the key slot of XP400Pro programmer, press “OK”.

Dealer key generated successfully.

Do you want to generate the next one? No.


Place the dealer key into the key slot of the XP400Pro programmer.

The operation below will modify the instrument cluster data. The process cannot be interrupted, otherwise the instrument may be damaged.

Key added successfully.


  1. Add Remote Control

Press “Add remote control”.

Press the Unlock button on the door.

Enter the number of remote controls to be learned.

Press any button of the key within 10s. The hazard warning lamps will respond at learning.

Remote control adding succeeded.


Test the keys, both can start the car and remote work well.

That’s it.


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