Autel IM608 II Generate 2013-2021 VW Golf MQB Universal Key

This is a tutorial on how to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II to generate 2013-2021 Volkswagen Golf universal key. Need to use Autel IKEY Remote & XP400Pro.


Check full video to learn:



Connect USB cable to XP400Pro & IM608 II Tablet. When the XP400Pro indicator turned from red to green, it means successful connection.


Operation Procedure

Universal key >> Accept >> Universal key generation >> Europe >> Volkswagen >> Type by model >> Golf >> 2019 >> Volkswagen Golf 2013-2021


Install a battery into Autel Universal Key, then put into XP400Pro programmer.

Press “Generate universal key” and wait for seconds.

100% loading…

Universal key generation is successful.


If you’d like to generate more keys, press “Continue”;

Otherwise, press “Complete” to exit.




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