2013 VW Comfort Control Module Coding with Autel IM608 II

How to do 2013 VW CC comfort control module coding with Autel IM608 II? A customer tried to register an additional key, but he diagnosed that the comfort system central control module was the issue. He needed help configuring the used module to the vehicle.


Tools Required

Autel IM608/ IM608 Pro/ IM608 Pro2

A used comfort system central control module


Operation Process

Step1. Diagnose vehicle to confirm problem.

As you can see, there’s a fault in the comfort system central control module.

Enter into “Trouble codes”.

It shows ” 01179:000, passive/sporadic, incorrect key programming.”

This code signals as an issue with the key registration obviously, and it’s actually blocking us from registering the key.


The diagnostic workflow that I did take the synth the symptoms. I put it in the repair information and follow the guided test procedures. And this is how we came to the conclusion that this module wasn’t the issue.


Step2. Select coding to obtain original values

Click “Coding”.

Please write down the original values before attempting to change anything.

Incorrect coding can make a control module non-functional!


The current values represent the existing software coding on the control unit. New value is where we’re going to input the new software after making the changes. We’re going to take a picture of this, because it will be required when installing the module.


Step3. Removal procedure

The module is generally in the passenger glove department. Make sure all the electrical systems are turned off and the ignition is also off. Once you’ve installed everything back into the vehicle, keep in mind there are other special functions that are linked to this module that need to be adapted.


*After replacing comfort system central control module -J393-, other functions of comfort system central control module such as Anti-theft immobilizer, anti-theft alarm system, access and start authorization, tire pressure monitoring and central locking system key must also be adapted, depending on vehicle equipment.

In this case, start by adapting the anti-theft immobilizer(refer to anti-theft immobilizer control module -J362-, adapting) and then, proceed to the other equipment-dependent functions of comfort system central control module -J393- in any order.


Step4. Coding and final checks for the replaced module

Coding >> OK >> Set value

The reason why I’m not going to set the software coding value is because I compared this to the original and they’re the exact same value. So I’m going to set value for other options:

Input the original WSC workshop code:00137

Input the import number: 00211

Input the component number: 0056823

Press “OK” after all were set.


The control unit has been recoded.

If you look at the ECU information, it’s going to have everything that has been stored on this module.


Go to “Erase codes”.

Trouble codes are all cleared.



  1. Make sure the CCM module has no faults prior to doing key registrations.
  2. Make sure the part numbers are the same when exchanging control units.
  3. After CCM modules has been configured, do the additional sequence of adaptations(key registration).
  4. Frameworks and preparation prevents poor performance.


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