Solved! Autel TS508 “OBD Relearn Fails””No DTC’s”


I’m having a problem with the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508. I connected the TS508 to my car’s OBD port, but there is no communication with the car.


I’ve fitted 1 new TPMS sensor and have performed “position relearn”, and then “OBD relearn”, all the wheel sensors are scanned correctly by TS508. When I connect the unit to my car through the OBD connector, the unit displays “Write ID’s successful”. Then I press the Y button, the unit displays “Reading sensor ID’s”.


But soon after it displays “OBD relearn fails” and “No DTC’s”.


I have tried this procedure several times and the result is always the same, I have also attached a picture showing the replacement sensor. Please help to make sure what’s the exact problem with the device.



After programming/ activating the sensor ID, customer has to perform the OBD relearn it.

If OBD relearn no luck, try other position relearn option.

After the position relearn successful, customer should perform test drive.


Note: after the relearn, we suggest that the customer to do a test driver.


After relearn:

Turn off the ignition and then turn on.

If an instructed person drives the vehicle for 10 minute over 19 miles per hour or 30km/h to ensure:

  1. The TPMS malfunction light no longer displays.
  2. The sensor ID has been written to the ECU
  3. The Autel TS508 will automatically erase the DTC present in the ECU.


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