Pair Autel ITS600E & TBE200E to Get Advanced TPMS Service

We’re here to bring you the latest some new features that have been added to the Autel ITS600E & TBE200 TPMS Service Tools. By pairing them together can bring the most advanced TPMS diagnosis for customers. They can either independently or be paired together to create & share a scan report.


We’re really exited to offer customers all the benefits included with the ITS600E. Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600E is the world’s most advanced TPMS tool. It’s an Android touch screen based tablet that can complete any TPMS related service that rolls into your bay. It also includes 4 essential service functions: oil reset, EPB(brake caliper retraction), BMS(battery registration), SAS(steering angle sensor calibration).


We also include free update for life with the standard feature set for a small fee. Customers can upgrade their ITS600E to the Pro version. This tool capability is even further by adding basic code, scanning code, description live data and freeze frame data for all modules in the vehicle. And we also include all systems diagnostics with the new package.


You may be familiar with Autel TBE200E. This is a huge innovation that allows techs to take digital tread dept measurements as well as identify irregular wear and service. As well as maintenance needs, the tools can work independently. Or be paired together to create a scan report that includes all data related to the vehicle’s TPMS system and the condition of the tires.


We have developed new cloud-based technology that will allow repairers to create and store these reports. We can print or export them via Email, or even text a copy of the report to the customer directly from the tool. These new reporting features will allow shops to more effectively communicate maintenance needs to the customer, and get the work sold quickly while increasing customer confidence.


Here’s how it works. Let’s pair the ITS600 & TBE200 together to perform TPMS diagnostics. As well as take our tread depth measurements, we can now either print a report to present to the customer. Email it to them or we can even put in the customer’s phone number and send them a copy of the report via text.


It’s never been easier to share vehicle health information with your customers.


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