OTOFIX IM1 Generate Hyundai Grand i10 4A Universal Key

OTOFIX IM1 can support key generation with Autel IKEY Remote. Following I’m gonna generate Hyundai i10 4A key as a quick demonstration.


This is can be done on Autel IM508 or IM608 PRO as well. Remember to upgrade your software to latest version all the time.


Put a Autel Universal Key into XP1 key slot,

Programmer >> Accept >> Universal key >> Universal key generation >> Europe >> Hyundai >> All remotes >> I10 4A 95440-K6000 >> Generate universal key

Generating…wait until 100%

Universal key generation is completed.


Go back to check key info.

Generation is successful.


Very fast and easy, only 2 minutes in total.


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