How to use Autel ITS600E to Register Tire Easier?

By using optical TIN capture and electronic submission to CIMS(Tire Registration & Recall Services for Tire Dealers), the latest Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600E Update makes electronic registration easy.


It’s important to be compliant with the Tread Act in US. The Tread Act of 2014 included provisions that required retailers to provide either a pre-filled manufactured postcard to consumers to register their new tire purchase. Or complete an electronic registration for them. Now for the last 2 years, we’ve all been encouraged to make contactless way of life.


First you’ll need to enroll in sims e-tire registration which can be done quickly and easily right on the Autel ITS600E.


  1. Tire DOT >> Tire registration >> Scroll to the bottom, select “Register now” >> Follow the steps to create a user account.


  1. Once registration completed, login your account.

Tire registration >> Log in


  1. On the main screen, you must complete all the red boxes.


However, you may enter as many of the other fields as you would like. When it comes to the TIN, click the camera icon. As a best practice, this is easiest to do when you’re mounting the tire as you have the tire flat and with good lighting.


Additionally you do not want to capture dot in the frame, just the numbers.


By using the camera to capture the TIN, you can make sure the information is accurate when submitted to the manufacturer. Now all you have to do is click “Submit” on the bottom.


Your customer will appreciate that you have taken the time to actually do this process for them. And drive comfortably knowing if there’s ever a recall on their tire, they will receive notification.


Sometimes, it’s the little value ads that can take your shop and elevate it above the competition.


This is how to use Autel ITS600 to register tire easier. Be sure to update your Autel TPMS Service Tools to catch latest features.