Does the autel maxidas ds708 do tire pressure test?

Does the autel maxidas ds708 do tire pressure test?

tire pressure sensor tester


A key-pal from US said:”Does the autel maxidas ds708 do tire pressure?”

Then I want to give a answer: No !! but !!! there are some tire pressure equipment maybe fit for you


Autel TPMS TS401

Reads data including sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, OE part number, relearn information

Proposed price $199.00

autel tpms ts401tire pressure sensor tester



Foxwell NT1001 TPMS

Prints TPMS health report including sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, and OE part

Proposed price $169.00


Foxwell nt1001 tpms tire pressure


Auto YanTEK YD409

* Reads sensor ID, tire pressure , temperature, battery condition, OE part number, relearn information. Prints health report through computer.

Proposed price $279.00

Auto Yantek yd409 tpms sensor


V-Checker A622

v checker a622 tire pressure sensor tester


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