Autel Ultra Reset Mercedes C220D AdBlue to Fix Low Fill Level

This Mercedes C220D is coming up with cannot measure fluid level on the dash for the Adblue. It’s got filled up last week with Adblue, but the system is showing low. So we’re gonna use Autel Maxisys Ultra to run a diagnostic and reset its Adblue system.



Diagnostics >> Confirm VIN, OK >> Confirm model, OK >> Fault scan

So we’ve got a few faults.

P130F09: Component fault – AdBlue system fault

P13E7FD: The AdBlue fill level is low.



Hot functions >> Aftertreatment >> Reset warning message “Fault in AdBlue system” in multifunction display >> Continue


The control unit is being intialized, please wait…


Caution: Do Not switch off the ignition!

Perform SCN coding of “ECM”.

Press “Continue” button for next step.

Enter the menu “Programming/Customization” and perform the function coding.

Turn the ignition off.

Turn the ignition on.


Autel Ultra gives the result:

The procedure was completed successfully.

Press “Continue” button for next step.


So now as you can see, the AdBlue is reset to its full range 6300miles and the message is gone.

Perfect done.



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