Autel Ultra Lite Fixed Mercedes P310253 Throttle Valve Fault

There ‘s a fault code “P310253: Throttle valve fault – The adaptation or adjustment is incorrect.” on this Mercedes-Benz LD. The throttle itself will play up and down, it won’t be stable in one position. Obviously if the engine runs, you won’t like it. So next I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Scanner to fix the issue.


To solve the problem, you’d better replace the throttle body. Once you’ve done, it should be fine. If it does need coding, then Autel Ultra can help you.



Special function >> Teach-in processes >> Initialization after replacement of components >> Throttle valve



This teach-in process must be carried out after replacing “Throttle valve”.

Switch off combustion engine.

Press “Continue” button to continue.



Requirements for teach-in process

Ignition ON.

Combustion engine AT STANDSTILL.

Accelerator pedal NOT OPERATED.

The vehicle must be at a standstill.

Electrical and mechanical faults concerning “Throttle valve” must be processed beforehand. The temperature of “Charge air temperature sensor” must be > 10℃.

Press “Continue”.


Turn the ignition off.

Important note:

Switch ignition off for 60s and then back on again.

No work may be performed on the vehicle during this period.

Just wait until 100%…

Turn the ignition on.



The teach-in process was completed successfully/


Important note

Delete any fault codes present.

“Throttle valve” is OK.

The component must not be replaced.


Let’s check the throttle valve. Problem was solved!




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