Autel Scanner FAQ ID Product Registration, Update, Troubleshooting

Q: The free car software of Autel AP200 can be updated for free for lifetime. And other car software only have one year free, so after one year, do I need to pay the update fee? What’s the meaning of the single car model?

A: Yes, except the first car software is free for lifetime, other car software need to pay the update fee from the first year, the fee is 21.99 USD/year for each car brand. One car brand software contains all the car models. Such as you bought Ford software, you can diagnose all the Ford car models. But you need to buy different region software such as Ford and Ford EU separately.


Q: Does the MAXIAP AP200 need to bind VCI to search for the car models?

A: Yes, it just like autel tablets registration bind ID. Only bind ID so that you can download the first free car software.

Q: What special functions can AP200, AL619 and MD808Pro etc do? How long is the software update frequency?

A: Autel AL619 only supports OBDII+ ABS, SRS fault code read and clear.

Autel Maxiap AP200 supports OBDII+ full system fault code read and clear.

MD808 Pro supports OBDII+ full system fault code read and clear+ common special functions (Oil reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS and Throttle).

There is no fixed upgrade frequency for all Autel scanners. No upgrade plan for MD808 pro.


Q: Where to check the car models and functions for Autel scanner?

The original website to check MD808 pro, etc cannot use now.

A: For the Autel tablet scan tool, please visit .

For other hand-held Autel diagnostic tool, please click


Q: MaxiCOM MK908P is the update version of MS908P. It supports programming online. Does it only support parts of Benz, BMW car models? Do I need to buy other car models software and program ECU online directly?

A: The function of MK908P is same as AUTEL MS908P, and the hardware is better. Both two scanners can only program online for Benz and BMW so far, other car models are not supported even though you bought the car software.

Q: How to know the differences about autel tablets incl.hardware, features, highlight and so on?

A: You can check the comparison chart shown as below on the official website:

Autel Scanner

Q: How to update MS MK series Autel scan tools?

A: All the hand-held scanners update guide can refer to the user manual on the official website.


Q: How to use Autel tablets to work with Maxivideo series (e.g MV105,

MV108, MP408, MV480 and MV500)?

A: There is no specified steps, please view the quick guide from official website. Maxivideo mv105, MV108 can work with 906BT.


Q: What’s the online function for autel tablets?

A: It depends on the specific function for specific car model.

There are some online functions for Autel 906BT and above scanners. VW can do online and offline coding. Some Porsche car models support oil reset online.