Autel MP808Z-TS Manual: Register, Update, Diagnose, TPMS Sensor

This is an Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS User Manual on registration, upgrade, diagnosis, mx-sensor programming & identification for first time use. Read this article will help you a lot.


How to register & update Autel MP808Z-TS?

Check video to learn:


  1. Prepare a good connection:

Settings >> System settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi


  1. Follow the prompts to enter “Personal Center” for upgrade.

Upgrade now >> Install now >> Install >> Done


  1. Register

Register >> Fill in details(name, country, address, email, phone, password) >> Selected terms, click “Register”

Registered successfully.


  1. Binding & Update

Update >> Link >> Link

After binding is successful, we can go back to update all available software.

Just wait patiently for the upgrade to complete.


How to diagnose Autel MP808Z-TS?

Plug VCI into OBDII,

Diagnostics >> Volkswagen >> Accept >> System selection >> Diagnosis >> Control unit >>01- Engine control module 1 >> Trouble codes

Here we can view and erase trouble codes on the vehicle.

Erase codes >> Yes >> Yes


Besides, we can also view ECU information, live data, perform active test, coding, adaptation, basic setting, security access(login), single reading, write VIN, readiness test, secure login online.


How to program & identify MX-Sensor?

Check video to learn:


TPMS >> Ford >> Manual selection >> B-MAX >> 2012/05-2019/12(433MHz) >> OK

Put the MX-Sensor on the top right of MP808Z-TS device,

Click “Check MX-Sensor”.



  1. This function is only applicable to MX-Sensor.
  2. Keep the desired sensors within 10cm(4in).
  3. Keep other sensors 120cm(4ft) away.
  4. If MX-Sensor is already mounted in the tire, place the upper right corner of the tool close to the tire sidewall directly above the sensor, and press “Check”.

Yes >> Check


As we can see, the sensor info has been read out, including sensor ID, frequency/PI, HW/BT, SW/PD, voltage/MI, AC/PV/PT, PSN code. That means the sensor has been programmed.


Let’s take another blank sensor for reading again.

It’s showing “FFFFFFFF” without ID.


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