Autel MK808 VW 1997-2019 DPF Regeneration Full Car List

Here share the newest Autel MaxiCOM MK808 DPF Regeneration full car list.

Autel MK808

Year: from 1997 to 2019


12-up! /cross up! 2014-Brazil>

12-up! /cross up! 2018-Brazil >

12-BL-up! /2012 >

13-Scirocco 2009>

16-Jetta 2011>

16-Jetta 2011 USA /CAN>

17-Golf J (citi, caddy bakkie)>

1C- New Beetle 1998 USA/ CAN>

1C/9C- New Beetle 1998>

1F- EOS 2006>

1F-EOS 2006 USA/CAN>

1J- BORA 1999>

Autel MK808

1J- GOLF 1998>


1K-GOLF 2004>



1K-Rabbit 2006 USA/CAN >

1K/AJ-Bora/Jetta/ Vento 2006>

1K/AJ-Jetta 2005 USA/CAN>

1T-Touran 2003>

1T- Touran 2011>

1Y-New Beetle Cabrio 2003 USA/CAN>

1Y- New Beetle Convertible 2003>

Autel MK808

35-Passat CC 2009>

35-Passat CC 2009 USA/CAN>

36-Passat 2011>

38-Passat 1997>

38-Passat 1998 USA/CAN>

3C-Passat 2006>

3C-Passat 2006 USA/CAN

3D-Phaeton 2003>


3E-Phideon 2017>

3G- Passat 2015>

3H- Arteon 2017>

Autel MK808

3H-Arteon 2018 USA/CAN>

3X-Santanna 1991>

51-Golf Cabriolet 2012>

52-Golf Plus 2009>

5C-Beetle 2012>

5C-Beetle 2012 USA/CAN>

5G/BA/BC/BE/BQ/BV/BX-Golf 2013>

5K-Golf 2009>

5K-Golf 2010 USA/CAN>

5M-Golf Plus 2005>

5N-Tiguan 2008>

5N-Tiguan 2008 USA/CAN>

Autel MK808

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Autel MK808

Autel MK808

Autel MK808

Autel MK808

Autel MK808

Autel MK808

Check the complete VW DPF car list, please visit the official website:

Just select Product model-> Vehicle make-> vehicle model and click Search button


How to perform DPF function by Autel MK808 diagnostic tool?

Connect MK808 device to the vehicle

Enter Autel main menu

Tap Service-> Car manufacturer -> DPF SCR-> AUTO VIN-> AUTO detect

Select the corresponding car year-> car model

Loading data…

Choose Stop/start system (KL9)-> Hot Function-> Engine control module-> DPF regeneration-> DPF service regeneration

Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the reset process



Autel Original MaxiCOM MK808 with special functions (ship from UK No Tax):