Autel MaxiIM IM608 2002 Toyota Solara All Key Lost

Autel MaxiIM IM608 test report: 2002 Toyota Solara all key lost succeed.

Read chip

Save file


Learn 3 keys

you must enter or search ALL KEY LOST

Follow the steps that the scanner itself will ask you.

Click on “Write key via dump”. Asia, Toyota, Solara, 93c56, load file, (bin you just saved), select key 1, put chip in reader, hit make key. Now you have a master key and can add more keys if needed.

Autel will not write back added keys.. every time it writes a key in the spot, it will ask you to save the file.. so every time you save a file with a new key, you basically rewrite the previous one.. after that file is saved you need to exit out of IMMO option and use Programmer feature to write saved file back to the chip.. keep good eye on where that file is eeprom–atmel–93Cxx–saved file(path to your file).. once it’s written back to the chip ready to start.

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