Autel MaxiIM IM608 013 A3 MQB Non Kessy

Autel MaxiIM IM608 on 2013 A3 mqb non kessy, KDiy ZB smart remote, No problem.

Question: There was no problem with the MQB servers. How did you do it?

Answer: Problem is when you have jc dash only or virtual…. how do I know if it’s jc dash? easy… when you connect you know bcs can’t put in service mode. you can do. But need to wait 24/48 for calculation. Read on obd helper!

Question: Do you find the KEYDIY remotes reliable for MQB?

I tend to use Xhorse or other aftermarket/OEM so I’ve not tried them.

Answer: no problem thus far, you need to remove circuitry from key and place near antenna coil to match.

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