Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Reviews

1) First real users review:
This is a real users all collection.
Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802

And the following paragraph is what he has tested:
I like them all. The Innova with the three LED’s in the front can easy tell you if your vehicle is going to pass smog test or not, the Actron is probably the easiest to use with live data but no graphing, the Actron II was my first OBDII reader (1999) and is kinda obsolete, the Autel MD802 has the most features, and the Autel OLS301 is a scanner and can also reset oil service light, service mileage and service intervals for cars like BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, etc.

2) Second real user review:
Save another 100 bucks and get an Autel MD802.EU802 Nothing’s better at that price range, and you get graphing, live data, SRS, ABS, ECU, make-specific scans (bi-directional in auto mode, not controllable), upgradable, built-in 4GB memory, color screen, etc. etc. The Autel tool makes the Innova look like a toy.

3) Confusion 1: Which models MaxiDiag Elite MD802 to have?
Autel MD802 is mainly available with two models, one is compatible with all systems and another one cheaper which only works with 4 system (engine, transmission , airbag and ABS). Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802:
1) All system:
2) 4 system:

4) Confusion 2: buy Autel Maxidas DS708 or MaxiDiag Elite MD802?
Please look at the following comparison table, it is clearly show what MD802 MaxiDiag Elite and DS708 MaxiDas can do and can’t do.
MD802 MaxiDiag Elite and DS708 MaxiDas
As this table shows, they share these same functions:
1) Read and clear codes in all available modules for all 1996+ Asian, Europe, America, etc vehicles.
2) Deep vehicle system coverage for all available electronic systems.
3) Support all 5 OBDII Protocols & all 10 test modes.
4) Crystal clear TFT color screen
5) USB internet updateable & upgradeable.
6) Graphs, records & play back OBD2 live data
7) Show Vehicle ID’s and Cal. ID’s & VIN
8) Bi-lingual customer service M-F, 6 AM – 6 PM, PST
9) Limited one (1) year warranty.

And the following functions DS708 MaxiDas can do, MD802 MaxiDiag Elite can’t cover:
1) Bi-directional coverage for all available modules
2) Coding and Modules set ups
3) Immobilizer and key coding functions
4) Component activation testing
5) Captures, saves and prints screenshots for convenient troubleshooting
6) Remote display and Control for convenient demonstration and training
7) Display live data in text, graph and analog for easy data review
8) Wi-fi Capability for updates and printing
9) Internet explorer brings on-line resources of your choice
10) Data logging allows quick and accurate technical support
11) O.E style menus and function
12) Large 7 inch 800*800 Pixel TFT crystal clear color display

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