Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS: Best TPMS & scan tool for Jeep Grand Cheroke

Why I choose Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS? Because it is one 5 stars TPMS tool as well as full-system diagnostic tool under $700.


I got tired of going to the dealer every time after I did some work on the car, and had to pay to get the TPMS system reset. This Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS can also program MX sensor which is cheap to get from, and it’s an all system diagnostic tool as well. Great to have it under $700.


It came in a nice quality case that protects the tablet, Manual as well as wires.

It is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen with 1024 * 600P resolution and a VCI mini for wireless communication with the test vehicle, powered by the quad-core Cortex-A9 processor for smooth operation .

The Bluetooth driver using for communicating between OBDII and tablet is behind the tablet which has a very nice screen and rugged padding which would enable to hold up over time in shop use.



Plug MaxiCOM MK808TS to one 2014 Grand Cheroke to show you some features of diagnostics, service, full service TPMS etc.


Enter option “TPMS” to select the car make and models, you see it has a wide coverage from USA, Europe, Asia, it can really do as it claims (Complete Tire Pressure Monitoring System, advanced TPMS Diagnostics for Complete TPMS Health Check, activate 98% of All Known TPMS Sensors, Program Autel Mx-sensors etc)



Firstly, tap “Diagnostics” -> Auto detect -> Scan VIN -> Jeep (USA) -> Enter VIN->VIN information decoding -> Confirm vehicle profile -> System data reading -> Diagnosis -> Control Unit -> Powertrain, Body, Chassis, Info.Comm & Entertainment.

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Go back to select “Service”.

autel-maxicom-mk808ts-best-tpms-tool-14 autel-maxicom-mk808ts-best-tpms-tool-15 autel-maxicom-mk808ts-best-tpms-tool-16


MaxiCOM MK808TS update: Has 1 year of free updates

Autel MK808TS is really a best TPMS tool as well as service reset tool and OBD2 diagnostic tool. It is affordable. And it is suitable for a professional mechanic.

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