Autel KM100 Adds Kia Grand Carnival SXL 2019 IKEY Success

Autel MaxiIM KM100 can add Kia Grand Carnival SXL 2019 key by OBD successfully. With an original working key at hand, following I’m gonna show how to do.


Read Key Info

As you can see, the Autel MAXIIM IKEY remote has same buttons as original one.

Plug VCI adapter to OBDII port.

Go to read original key info & frequency:

IMMO type: HITAG3(ID47), Manchester, code locked.

Frequency: 433.92MHZ FSK


Generate Key

Universal key >> Europe >> KIA >> Carnival(YP) >> 2018 >> Kia Carnival(YP) 2014-2018

Place Autel IKEY Remote into KM100 slot,

Press “Generate universal key”, wait until 100%…

Key generation is completed.


Read Pincode

Turn ignition on.

IMMO >> Kia >> Auto selection >> Read >> OK >> GTH >> OK >> Smart key >> IMMO status scan

It shows there’s no any faults.

Number of learned key: 1

Read pincode >> Read PIN(47 smart key)

This function only for read pin ID47, press Yes.

Turn on hazard light.

Wait reading pincode…

Pincode was read out: 593797


Add Key

Go back to press “Add key(guided)”.

All keys will be deleted, please prepare all available keys.

All of old keys must be re-learned in order to function properly.

Turn ignition off, open and close driver door once.

Confirm pincode, press “OK”.


After pressing “OK”, keep touching the ignition switch with key for 5s.

Wait until security light flash once.

Program success.

Press “Yes” to add next one.

Keep pressing the ignition switch with new key for 5s.

Program success.

Number of key: 2


Test all remotes, all doors can open well.

Start engine OK.



This is how to add a key for Kia Grand Carnival SXL 2019 with Autel KM100 Key Programmer.


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