Autel IM608 All Key Lost Programming for BMW CAS2 2006

2006 BMW CAS2 AKL Done in 5 minutes using Autel MaxiIM IM608.

autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-01 autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-02 autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-03 autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-04 autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-05 autel-maxiim-im608-2006-bmw-cas2-akl-done-06


Question: Does the tool tell you what CAS the car has? And if it’s possible to do add a key without corrupting the CAS data?

Reply: yes 2nd pic describe all the system by ECU Information was too easy just need a good internet connection.


Question: Was this done by obd2?

Reply: that’s right all by obd2.


Question: where did you buy Autel MaxiIM IM608?

Reply: here you can go:


Packed with: Autel MaxiIM IM608 + Autel G-BOX2 and APB112 Simulator

The Autel IM608 has more value if you buy the bundle kit that comes with the APB112 Key simulator and the GBOX2.
Normally the bundle that includes these 2 is the same price as JUST the IM608 with XP400 programmer.


the PC software you use with the XP400 programmer, so you can see just its capability.

BMW on the IM608 has been a very good revenue stream, I would recommend it for a 1st tool for these reasons:
1. It’s my first key oriented tool and it’s been great for learning on
2. tech support here in the US for Autel is spot on, the immo team there is knowledgeable and actually wants to help, James is who I ask for
3. it is fairly universal and if the software is lacking, often times you cant still get the job with extra work because of the XP400 and GBOX2 then just not doing it at all if your dead set on JUST OBD
4. the diag software is good, it comes with a built in hex editor that works well, storage and organisation is neat
5. the J2534 programmer is an added source of revenue, often overlooked feature when talking immo but I use it in a pinch when factory files are needed.