Autel IM508S Adds 2023 Toyota Sienna Key Free Pin by OBD

Autel MaxiIM IM508S is able to add a new 2023 Toyota Sienna key with free pincode by OBD. Need to connect with Toyota 30 PIN cable.This is just a harness that I have from an old GPS unit.


After identifying model, go to

Control unit >> Keyless system(CAN) >> Back up IMMO data

This function is used to back up EEPROM data of the smart main ECU, which can be used to perform IMMO related functions without PIN.

This function supports models with 8A-BA smart key as of 2022(equipped with TMLF19D smart main ECU).

Press “Yes” to continue.


Ensure that the network connection of the Autel IM508S is good.

Turn ignition off, and turn the hazard warning lamp on and off once.

Read the operation guide, press “OK”.

Reading EEPROM data…

Backup succeed.


Add smart key >> Start

This function serves to learn keys. Please complete the steps within specified time.

Turn on the ignition.

Confirm VIN number.

Have you backed up the EERPOM data of this vehicle? Yes.

Select the EEPROM data >> Reading PIN…

Keep a learned key close to the start button.

Learning succeeded.



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