Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro Adds BMW CAS3/3+ Smart Key by OBD

Autel MaxiIM IM508 + XP400 Pro is able to add BMW CAS3/CAS3+ smart key by OBD successfully. Moreover, it also support all key lost, read password & remote learning. Details please refer to below chart:


Autel IM508 BMW 3 Series IMMO Car List

Year System Add key All key lost Read password Remote learning Immo part replacement
1981/12-2006/08 EWS On bench/boot On bench/boot On bench/boot By OBD ×
2004/02-2013/10 CAS3 By OBD Partially supported by OBD/on bench/boot By OBD × CAS3, EGS(Partly supported), DME/DDE(Partly supported)
2011/02-2019/07 FEM/BDC On bench/boot Partially supported on bench/boot On bench/boot × FEM, EGS(Partly supported), DME/DDE(Partly supported)
2004/02-2007/08 CAS2 By OBD By OBD By OBD × CAS2, DME/DDE(Partly supported)



IMMO programming >> Accept >> BMW >> Smart selection >> OK >> Key learning >> OK


Going to generate dealer key!


  1. Add key & all keys lost is available for current CAS.
  2. Key learning process require networking to obtain data, please set up the network to ensure that it is connected to WIFI and keep this state during the whole process.


Select “Add key”.

Remove the key from ignition switch.

If it is a smart key, please take the key out of the car.


Please be sure to operate as required, otherwise this may make the vehicle abnormal.

If the vehicle is abnormal after read out the key information, please try performing “Clear DTC” to make it back into normal status.


Read key information success!

Press “Yes” to backup the original key data.


This is an encrypted working key, put it into XP400 Pro slot.

Programmer generated key >> OK

The key information was read successfully.

Press “OK”.


Press “Semi-smart key”.

Put the new key into XP400 Pro slot.

Press “Yes” to process the key.

Just wait…

Key processing is successful!

Press “OK”.

Autel IM508 will go on wiring key…

Dealer key generation succeeded.

Follow the instruction to start vehicle.


Test the new key, it does work.