Autel Diagnostic Software Updates: Ultra, MK908, MK808 [05/2022]

This is a rundown of the latest software updates on Autel Automotive Diagnostic System devices. Software updates occur regularly and you can download the latest updates by tapping the update icon on your device.


Diagnostic updates include those for the Maxisys Ultra, 919, 909, 908Pro, 808, BT609 series & OTOFIX D1.


  1. Software updates for Ultra, 909, 919 include 2022 Nissan diagnostic support + service functions for select models.

– Added diagnostic support for 2022 Nissan Leaf, Juke, Maxima, Titan, etc.

– Added a bevy of service functions for Nissan GT-R like ACC, AC, rain light sensor, automatic start/stop, clutch and more.

– Added support for 2022 Infiniti QX50/QX80 along with service functions TEC learn, ABS, SRS, cylinder, automatic start/stop, rain light sensor and more.


  1. Diagnostic support added for 91 Hyundai models in the US and EU, including topology maps for 2022 US models.

– Autel added support for 91 Hyundai models in Europe and US, including G90, RS4, GV70 Electrified, JK1EV, Tucson, ATV, etc.

– Diagnostic support was added for 27 models in the EU along with Carnival and Sorento for Vietnam.

– Topology was also added for 2022 models in the US.


  1. Programming & coding added for BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce up to 2021.

– For BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Autel added the following programming coding function for models with integration level up to Nov.2021.

– One hot special function the change VIN for gateway module.

– Programming functions for more than 30 IX3 non-high voltage modules including BDC and FZD.


  1. Software updates for the 808 & 908 series includes basic functions for 2022 Chrysler.

For the 908 series(Maxisys Elite & MK908), 808 series(MX808 & MK808), Autel has added the following diagnostic support:

– For Chrysler, Autel has added basic functions and oil reset function for 2022 models including the Ramsey, Wrangler, Cherokee, Challenger, Charger etc.

– Basic functions were also added for 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee. And given an upgrade for ECU information, ECU configuration, read & erase codes, live data and active testing.


  1. Basic functions added for 9 Honda models, including 2022 Civic-Hybrid.

– For Honda, basic functions were added for 9 models in 2022 including Civic Hybrid, CRV, CRV Hybrid and Integra.

– 18 kinds of methods were also added under the manual oil reset function.


  1. 39 special functions added for Subaru.

– For Subaru 39 special functions were added including optical axis adjustment, TPMS, brake bleed and immobilizer key pairing for Forester Impreza, Legacy, Outback, etc.

– 9 special functions were also added including TEC learn, ABS, SRS, cylinder, AF, electronic water pump start, VIN, ACC, brake bleed and odometer.


  1. ECU information, live data, trouble codes added for 2021-2022 GM models.

Autel support for GM, has also upgraded ECU information, trouble codes, live data, oil reset for 23 models including 2021-2022 Chevy, Cavalier, 2022 Escalade, Corvette, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC, Hummer, Yukon, Yukon XL, Silverado and Sierra.


  1. Basic functions added for VW and Audi, and coding was upgraded for 2022 models.

For the 908 series, updates were added for the following:

– For VW & Audi, Autel has added basic functions like control unit, subsystem coding.

– Security access and coding were also upgraded from models up to 2022.

– Hot special functions were added including reset control unit, AF setting, EPB, BMS and electronic water pump start.

– For some new energy models guided functions were added for the battery system.


  1. ECU information, live data, trouble codes added for 2021-2022 GM models on BT609 & OTOFIX D1.

For BT609 & OTOFIX D1 devices, Autel has added GM, supported for ECU information, trouble codes, live data and oil reset for the same 23 models 2022 as mentioned above.


You’ll get software updates for free as long as you have a valid Autel Software Subscription. So make sure to tap the update icon on your device to get the latest updates.