Autel BLE-A001 Sensor Feature, Parameter & Installation

Autel BLE-A001 Sensor is a pre-programmed Bluetooth low energy TPMS sensor for Tesla and latest BLE-equipped vehicles.



  • Fit & Go

– OE-level functionality

– Tesla-ready pre-programmed Bluetooth TPMS sensors.

– Compatible with Tesla 3, Y, S and X models with BLE TPMS Sensors.


  • Built for Durability & Long Life

– Automotive-grade Bluetooth processor.

– 6 years of battery lift.


  • Programmable Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Sensors

– Programmable for new vehicles using Bluetooth TPMS for smarter, more connected tires.

– Program with new Autel Maxi TS900 tablet and ITS600 tablet.


  • Adjustable-Angle Sensor

15°- 34° for a more secure fit for a broader range of vehicles.



Battery Life ≥6 years
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +105℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +105℃(Recommended ≤35℃)
Operating Humidity ≤90%
Operating Frequency 2.4G(Bluetooth)
Pressure Monitoring Range 0-800Kpa
Pressure Reading Accuracy ±10Kpa
Temperature Reading Range -40°C to +105°C
Temperature Reading Accuracy ±5°C
G Sensor Reading Accuracy ±15°C
Transmission Power 5 dbm
Battery 550mAh
Dimensions(W*H*D) 63.6 x 33.6 x 22.6mm
Weight(Without Valve) 24.3g


Installation Guide

  1. Loosening The Tire

Remove the valve cap and core, deflate the tire. Use the bead loosener to unseat the tire bead.


CAUTION: The bead loosener must be facing the valve.


  1. Dismounting The Tire

Clamp the tire onto the tire changer, and adjust the valve at 1 o’clock relative to the tire separation head. Insert the tire tool and lift the tire bead onto the mounting head to dismount the bead.


CAUTION: This starting position must be observed during the whole dismounting process.


  1. Dismounting The Sensor

Remove the fastening screw and the sensor from the valve stem with a screwdriver, and then loosen the nut to remove the valve.


  1. Mounting Sensor & Valve

Step1. Slide the valve stem through the valve hole of the rim.

Step2. Tighten the screw-nut with 4.0 N·m with the help of the fixed rod.

Step3. Adjust the installation angle so that the BLE-A001 Sensor fits the rim tightly, and then tighten the screw.

Step4. The sensor and valve are now installed.


  1. Mounting The Tire

Place the tire on the rim, make sure that the valve faces the separation head at an angle of 180°. Mount the tire over the rim.


CAUTION: The tire should be mounted to the wheel using tire changer manufacturer’s instructions.


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