Autel Autoscan 2.0 Makes Your Repairing Faster

Autel are always looking ways to streamline the repair process and increase shop efficiency. After all the faster, we can get vehicles in and out of our bay doors. The more capacity we’ll have left to increase our overall volume of business. Autel engineering team set out to help you accomplish that with new Autel Autoscan 2.0.


This brand new capability allows us to significantly increase the speed of an Anto Scan on our latest Autel tablets. A common complaint that we hear from technicians is that accessing different vehicle systems seems to take a long time. Most often, this is a shortcoming of the vehicle’s ability to share information with the scanner and not the other way around. We’ve found a way to optimize communication between our Autel tools and CAN bus equipped vehicles to make the Auto Scan faster.


The Autoscan 2.0 is at present released on Maxisys Ultra, and will be soon available on Ultra EV, Elite 2, MS919, MS909, MS909 EV, MaxiCOM Ultra Lite, MK908 PRO II, MK906 PRO, MK906 Pro-TS as well. Some of the vehicle manufacturers covered by this new capability are Audi, Mercedes, BMW, GM, Chevy, Chrysler, Honda and many more.


How to get Autoscan 2.0?

An important thing to remember is that we need to make sure that the scan tools VCI or the VCMI is updated. In order to do this, we need to attach the provided USB cable to the VCI module as well as the scan tool itself. We go to the appropriate menu and make sure that our VCI is upgraded. So we can take advantage of this new feature.


In addition to that, you must have an active software subscription on your tablet. If your tools update subscription is expired, contact us to purchase a Total Care Program Card. Remember if you renew your software subscription, Autel will automatically renew your Hardware warranty, so you’re covered in the event of any damage to the tools hardware or software components.


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