Universal Car Key Programmer Recommend: Autel IM608 or Zedfull or VVDI2

Topic: Universal key programmer recommendation Autel IM608 or Zedfull or Xhorse VVDI2.

Vote Autel IM608:

  1. I’m an automotive technician and also locksmith and Autel im608 is a great tool.
  2. from my experience for just last year special for Mercedes 608 did about 200 keys, about 36 EIS was replaced, about 100 ESL programmed, did about 100 ecu and vgs replacements and software and coding updates. You still think 608 bad on MB?
  3. Autel is Better but need knowledge.
  4. I have the feeling that people saying zedfull Never tried autel, because as I said before, we have both, we very rarely use the zedfull, only when autel is not around. I work in locksmith shop and we have both, autel is better, that’s why I got it myself.

Vote Zedfull:

  1. I really like both but i will have to go with zedfull because you really don’t need the use of internet.
  2. Used Zedfull, it works.

Vote both Autel IM608 and Zedful:

  1. I’ve got both if you’re going to get 1 get the autel but the zed is great.
  2. well that’s not a good comparison because they do different things.

zedfull vs im508 is better.

im608 has full diagnostics also, zedfull doesn’t.

Vote Xhorse VVDI2 and Autel IM608:

  1. For vag and BMW think vvdi2 is the best option, for other cars autel is great, like I said before, we used the three of them in our shop, zedfull is like a big regret.

To sum up!

Each has its own purpose. Besides, someone like T300, Obdstar x300dp PlusAK90 etc.