Read and clear CEL on 2014 Sprinter NCV3 2.1 Diesel, which scan tool?

Car model and year: 2014 Benz Sprinter NCV3 2.1 Diesel

Purpose: to read and clear CEL and looking for a simple scan tool at reasonable price

Best scan tool to read and clear CEL on 2014 Sprinter NCV3 2.1 Diesel


1.Autel MD 802 or 808 (all system models)

My recommendation would be to spend the extra money for the Autel MD808 Pro (all system models), It will access many different vehicle brands/models. (Ditch the oversized blow mold storage box, put the tool in a heavy plastic bag, and stow the MD808 in your door storage.)

Even for the less skilled owners, carrying a scan tool has value. Giving them the scan tool to work with, any good diesel mechanic/technician may be able to repair your Sprinter. [Added: To assess reasons for MIL aka CEL dash warnings, address minor issues, etc.] That opens up possibilities beyond dealerships or Sprinter independent shops [to get you back moving down the highway].


Under a $100 is harder for a system that can do the full range of MB and non-MB vehicles.

HOWEVER, diagnosing and correcting the underlying condition is paramount.




2.Autel AP200

Autel AP200 at around $60 via, But you DO need a smart phone as they are BlueTooth only.


I have a late model 2016 Sprinter chassis on a Winnebago View and experienced a failure of the EGR when the vehicle had less then 10,000 miles on it. I am the original owner.

This was covered by warranty and the EGR was replaced. Since this was such a inconvenient episode with the vehicle going into LHM mode I want to consider the plausibility of carrying a spare EGR and Diagnostic tool with me if this ever happens again.

I realize swapping the EGR is the easy part but the error codes created from the failure require a Diagnostic tool to clear. then I got an Autel AP200 to go along with it. It costs a fraction of the cost of an EGR valve and will do all I need and much more.

There are many more choices beyond the AP200, I highly recommend it, because it is compact and very cost-effective.


For most situations the AP200 is a great value. One downside for the AP200 is that I’m 99% certain that you need internet access to sign in to your account and use the scan tool. You also can only select one manufacturer without additional access charges.




3.Vote Autel MD808 PRO too

Judging by the response to your direct question on your other thread I would hazard a guess that no SS forum member has yet tried one. I would be more inclined to go for the Autel MD808 PRO as that does have write-ups on here and can also talk to virtually any other make of vehicle.

I have the slightly older MD802 and have been very pleased with it.

PS The MD808 also seems to be around $200 so still cheaper than your InNova.


And more…

1.Any good diesel /auto shop that hasn’t invested in appropriate scan tools and workshop info shouldn’t be working on anything these days. Except lawn mowers maybe!
I see from a recent trade demo outside my shop, even our old friend Snappy has got much more scan tool info loading for Sprinters ready to BUY.
The latest software download for our Verus is $1250. which includes Sprinter. Enhancing our scan tool availability & adding scope to our “secularized” Euro base stuff like Autologic, it will update our Ford & Mopar programs
Just question do buy before Dec 31st or in the next year –Tax write offs & all that boring stuff!
Most decent shops have a Snap On scan tool. Just ask if they have the latest download to work on your rig.


2.I have 2 scanners that cover 95% of my needs.
iCarsoft MB II for quick scanning and troubleshooting.
MaxiEcu who needs laptop to operate, but than has all live data, calibrations and adaptations.
The issue with MaxiEcu is that European-oriented scanner sometimes does not cover high-end options US models have, but that applies more to sedans with more gadgets coming from factory.