MaxiSys Upgraded with 3 New Features

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Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Wifi OBD Full System Diagnostic

MaxiSys Upgraded with 3 New Features

Smart Features for Better Experiences

AUTEL today announces 3 new features added to the prestigious Diagnostic System, the MaxiSys Series, including Wifi Printing, Data Logging, and Multi Tasking. The new features will deliver user more convenient printing experience, better support services, and faster system navigation, which greatly simplify the diagnostic operations and save your time.

Wifi Printing
This feature enables wireless printing for all kinds of files on MaxiSys, including images, data frames, diagnostic data, and vehicle information etc, by simply connecting to the PC network thru Wifi.

Data Logging
The Data Logging function allows user to record system communication data and vehicle information at anytime during a test session. Our support personnel receive and process every data logging report from users daily, and will send quickest responds within 48 hours with troubleshooting instructions and software patches via the Support platform.

Multi Tasking
The Multi Tasking feature enables user to browse and navigate more freely among different applications on the MaxiSys system. By simply tapping the Multi Task button, the Multi Task menu displays all bookmarks of the active applications; users can switch from one app to another in just 1 second. “The true value of a product lies in the experience you may have with it. When committing to the goal of providing the most user friendly diagnostic tool, and offering the best customer service, that above the powerful diagnostic functionalities of the MaxiSys system, we make it simple, effective, mobile, and smart.” The MaxiSys series is the complete diagnostic packages designed for the professional technician who demands ultra mobility, ultimate performance, pure innovation, and beyond. With a powerful A9 Quad-Core Processor, beautiful capacitive touch display, ultrafast wirless, multitasking Android OS, combined with the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics, means never compromising on automotive diagnostics again.

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