How to Reset 2018 VW Crafter Oil Service with Autel IM608 II?

This is a quick tutorial on how to reset 2018 VW Crafter oil service with Autel IM608 II scan tool. Actually most of Autel’s tablets can do this job like MaxiCOM MK808S, MK808Z-BT, MK906 Pro, etc.


Operation Video:


Service >> Volkswagen CV >> Stand-alone Diagnostics, OK >> Automatic Selection >> Read, OK >> OK >> Hot functions >> Oil Reset >> Auto oil reset



In this test, the flexible service interval display can be reset.

After this action, you can acquire a tip which is told to your success or failure.

Press OK.


The flexible service interval display was successfully reset.



When the service reset is performed successfully, the service information on the dashboard of some vehicle will display “—-“, which is normal.

Driving for a period of time or distance after the service(usually after 500km), the remaining service information will be displayed automatically.

Press OK


VW reset has done.



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