How to do Heavy Duty Vehicle DPF Regeneration with MS909CV?

DPF regeneration is a normal part for the cycle life on a heavy duty or diesel vehicle. As you head down the road, your vehicle will attempt a passive or active performance of this. The challenge arises when the conditions are not perfect for this to happen. This maybe a lot of time spent in traffic or it may simply be a lack of the right combination of speed load and gear. When you get the dreaded DPF warning light, you’re basically stuck where you are in limp mode and that’s where Autel comes in.


Our diagnostic tablet like the Autel Maxisys MS909CV allow drivers and repair shops to force a DPF regeneration under the special function tab. You’ll find an assortment of tests reports and maintenance tasks that can be completed for DPF regeneration. The tool will check to ensure proper conditions exist and then walk the technician through the process.


If the vehicle needs to be at a different temperature for instance, you would be prompted to take action. The aftertreatment system is displayed during the process so you can get a good look at the status of all components. Once completed, you’ll have a confirmation of a successful cycle well.


DPF regeneration operating path:

Special function >> Aftertreatment diesel particulate filter(DPF) regeneration >> Next >> Sensor monitor >> Start >> Yes


Today we’re talking about DPF regeneration, there’s so much more to explore in our Autel MS909CV Tablet. This includes diagnostics topology as well and service menu functions.


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